The 21st Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) has finally kicked off with Zhang Lu’s A Quiet Dream; ahead of the opening night, there was a press conference for the film which was attended by the film director Lu himself, Yang Ik-june (an actor and a director, known for his independent film productions) and Lee Joo-young; on top of that, Han Ye-ri, a charismatic and innocent looking young actress who is slowly but surely climbing up the acting ladder, also attended.


Director Zhang Lu (middle) with the cast of ‘A Quiet Dream’

And this is when the party started. Maggie on a ladder (that she stole, a.k.a. was lent to her by one of the official festival photographers – the sad reality of a short person) in the right corner and Sanja, equipped with her Cannon and her serious business face in the left corner – forget about film critics, the mood was more like that of the OK! magazine paparazzi.

All red carpet guests were greeted by the BIFF founder, Kim Dong-ho, and Kang Soo-youn, the current director of BIFF.

Kang Soo-young and Kim Dong-ho  & one of the presenters, Han Hyo-joo

The red carpet shined today with talents from all over the world, while our team was most excited to see Kim Ki-duk (hear Maggie scream) and Ken Watanabe (Sanja kept her cool). You can see some of the other familiar/famous faces below and more on our Facebook page.

The opening itself was very entertaining and the opening film A Quiet Dream was received positively by the audience. With this start, we are excited for the next 9 days of the festival!

Kim Ki-duk      Ken Watanabe and Lee Sang-il

Bae Jung-ok and Seo Jung-yeon (In Between Seasons) & On Joon-wan (Baby Beside Me)

Yoon Jin-seo and Oh Ji-ho (Coffee Mate) & Lee Yi-kyung and Jeong Yeon-joo (Baby Beside Me)


Bustling Busan Cinema Centre auditorium

Written by Maggie Gogler and Sanja Struna

All photos © Sanja Struna

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